Dear Students and Parents, Thank you for your interest in ICS Nepal. We take this opportunity to welcome all those who have dream to study abroad. You’ve chosen the right place for your study abroad plans…congratulations! Bound by the firm belief that an academic institution should be totally under the management and care of academic professionals. A team of reputed, experienced specialists from different national and institutional backgrounds have come together to establish the Innovative Creation Services (ICS). Strengthening it with passing the successful last few years, we are now planning ahead inspired with the objective of establishing a world class consultancy within a few years. I would like to express my sincere assurance of providing a high standard facility to all students aimed at enabling them to gain a VISA and hence reach to their peak. Because of the crowd number of educational consultancies across the country, students and guardians have often been misguided and perhaps cheated in the name of study abroad. They not only lose their precious time but they also lose a huge amount of money and effort in such process. Therefore, one of the reasons that led us to create ICS is to show them the right path of their future career is the hidden interest we desired. No-doubt it’s a business but with ethic and having competitive power we are doing for your future which ultimately makes you love it. Our principle intention is to produce capable students equipped with a sound basis of counselling for their experiences abroad and future career prospects. We inspire each student to be a responsible member of society who will bring back to home something of the rewards they have reaped from their endeavours in more developed environments. Again, we’d like to thank our students, well-wishers and our partner institutions overseas for choosing to support us. We look forward to helping you soon. Why not get in touch to make an appointment to come in for a chat. Wishing you the best till then! Kedar Sapkota Managing Director ICS Nepal

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